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the author

Simon Ruggiero has been teaching Philosophy and Ethics for six years. After studying Ancient History (King's College London, 2010), he graduated with Distinction with an MA in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies (King's College London, 2013). His academic interests include Early Christian history and Byzantine theology.

A keen edu-blogger, he has delivered professional development sessions on literacy, VESPA, art and embodied learning, blended learning, remote assessment, and retrieval practice.

In 2017 he launched STM Ethics on Wikispace, a first venture into taking teaching into an online environment. After wikispace closed down in 2018, the site relaunched as Philosophy Cat. 

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the site

​This site is intended principally for my own students, however, other teachers and students of A-Level Religious Studies may find it useful.

On each topic page there are my lesson powerpoints, reading extracts handed out in class, my notes, scholar quotes and a curated selection of videos on the internet with questions that can be set for homework or used in class.

The aim is to facilitate a shift towards the 'flipped classroom', with students doing the 'hard stuff' in their own time and at their own pace (whether that's reading challenging texts or watching scholarly videos), leaving more class time for discussion.

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